Homemade – Granola

Today we made granola! Yummo! I made a cute video with the girls and am including the instructions here, since it wasn’t in the video. Granola Video Mix together everything (except the egg white and dried fruit)together in a large bowl. Mix egg white (you can add two if you choose) in a small bowl […]

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Monster Purse (shaped) Threaders

It's Monster shaped like a purse!

Over on the TAST Facebook group our faithful leader Sharon from Pintangle posted a question the other day asking for our stitching confessions. It was such a great question and really got quite a response! The most common confessions ranged from stitching things other than the fabric being worked, to our work (corners of the […]

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Pasta Pizza – Freezer Meal

In my house there are two things my family just gobbles up; Pizza and Pasta! So I happened upon this idea the other day, when digging through the refrigerator looking for a dinner plan. Why not put pizza and pasta together?!?  I grabbed some curly pasta and tossed it in a pot of boiling water, […]

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Age of Pandora Update Week 3


I’m still working through the world of Pandora! Today I finished Chapter 18 and acquired   mountain men advantage! Woo hoo! This quest has been really fun. I’m still thoroughly enjoying it.  I discovered something whilst reading my map the other day, you don’t have to run to get to travel points, you can walk. […]

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Freezer Meals!!


It has been raining by the bucket full for the past week. Since we’re getting electricity from solar panels, we haven’t been getting much. Today was the first day the sun came out long enough to catch up on laundry and dry it! Woo hoo! All this rain is great for the rain collectors and […]

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TAST – #1 Fly Stitch


I started following along with the embroidery stitch TAST challenge over at Pintangle last week! I am doing mine in square inch format, known as “Inchies”, and working each stitch daily. My oldest daughter, AJM,  is also doing the challenge, but in the weekly form. Every Sunday, she’ll start a new stitch. I’m making her […]

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