Corner Bookmarks!


Today we made corner bookmarks and paper tulips! AJM really enjoyed these projects. She calls the flowers “Tuhlulips” and made several, including a double “tuhlulip”. She also went on to make her own corner bookmark characters.. tiger, hummingbird and another monster. We really had fun following along with our new found blogger Maggie of Red […]

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MF Week 2

It’s been going well with the daily exercise routine. I took a day off last Wednesday and then Sunday. I have also been recording what I do on each days routine, because some of the number of reps are just beyond my level at this point. I hope the next time I di this program […]

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The Woven Bracelet


Lately there have been a pile of tutorial style videos popping up on my Facebook feed. Some of them are pretty cool and inspire me to get creative! Here was my latest inspiration after watching a video about making bows using an easy technique.  It caused me to pull out the ribbons and search a […]

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Paper “Xylo” phones!!


This week has been packed with creative play.  I was intrigued by a video tutorial I stumbled upon showing how to make a paper “xylo” phone. It was very easy to follow along with the idea of how to do it.  After perusing through my supplies and thinking about the process, I came up with […]

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MF Day 1 Complete


I completed day 1 of military fit. This morning I did a wake up and connect yoga session, followed by MF Day 1. I weighed and took my measurements before starting the workout. As of March 1st: At 5′ 1.5″ 114.5 lbs 32.5 bust 26 waist 34 hips 10.5 arm 19 thigh 13.5 calve I […]

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3D Paper Fruit Picnic Party

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this great website called Mr. Printables. At the time I was just looking for some cute printables to use for the girls’ homeschooling repertoire. I found lots of great material here and bookmarked it for later perusing. Fast forward to last week when the theme for BAM’s homeschooling […]

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