TAST Week 1


I started following along with the embroidery stitch TAST challenge over at Pintangle last week! I am doing mine in square inch format, known as “Inchies”, and working each stitch daily. My oldest daughter, AJM,  is also doing the challenge, but in the weekly form. Every Sunday, she’ll start a new stitch. I’m making her […]

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Age of Pandora Update Week 2

Tomorrow I begin chapter 8 of the fully immersive fitness quest,  Age of Pandora.  Is it fun? Yes! Is it a walk in the park? Absolutely not. Would I recommend it to a friend trying to get back in shape in a fun challenging way? Definitely! I’ve been successful at doing a chapter a day, […]

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Introducing my Inchies!


Alright in honour of my new found need to be creative and learn stuff, I’m starting an embroidery sampler of inchies! I’ve divided up a cloth with square inch sections and decided to start in the center. The only rules I’m giving myself is I have to do an inch a day. I can repeat […]

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Finding Calm


Almost a month ago, shortly after beginning my exercise challenge, I hit a low in my life. I realised at that moment I had no joy inside myself and was flailing around being angry at everyone else for their joy and apparent calmness in general. I was angry, tired, empty, demoralised and holding onto this […]

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Today we put up curtains in the girls rooms. It was no sew and super quick. Basically we took 3 pieces of fabric, measuring 2 yards each, a 1/2 pvc pipe, some screws, a saw and a drill. J measured the space across the room where we wqnted to hang them and cut the pipe. […]

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Moving in Today!

We’ve been living in Panama (Bocas Del Toro Region, North/Caribbean side) since the beginning of February 2014. Jaimie and I decided we needed amobile house, so he started building a houseboat 28 July, 2014. It is a 3 floor, 40ft long, 26ft wide solar powered catamaran (custom built/designed by Jaimie Mantzel). Jaimie built this boat […]

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