Drinking in Moderation

“I do not drink.”

At least this is what I tell most people, and for the most part its true. As with most things in life, however, I don’t believe you should ever deny yourself. Pending whatever it is you desire will not harm anything else. So an occasional glass of wine with dinner or a vodka tonic when going out to the bar with close friends, does not cause me to feel like I am a hypocrite. Though others may beg to differ.

I think I make that statement for the simple fact that is allows me to get out of having to socialize. Maybe it makes me feel more superior to other people. I am not sure.

I think that maybe I will stop making that statement and try to live my life in the present instead of the past, changing my opinions as I see fit. Instead of feeling as if I have to stand fast to them, as if some judgement is going to be made against me and I be imprisoned for them. Why do we as human beings feel the need to have to label and identify ourselves? Why can’t we like caviar one day and detest it the next?

I think most of it stems from our society forcing this down our throats everyday in media. I refuse to label myself any longer, I will not be categorized and filed away for someone to pull up my file a minute later and try to shove some other type of purse that I don’t really need down my throat. I don’t want to be able to identify myself with those fake starlets on the magazine covers.

I just want to be me and my only label my name.

47 Replies to “Drinking in Moderation”

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