Sweater vs. No Sweater

The following blog contains information regarding the male penis. If this offends you in anyway, please do not continue reading.

I spent some time online last night instant messaging with a friend of mine. We spoke about the usual subjects life, philosophy, jobs, family, etc. Then about two hours in our conversation took a slight turn. A questions was presented by me to my friend about their favorite body part, at which point my friend replied “my penis probably.” I asked him why and he said “my penis because its a good size, and looks pretty much just like a penis should, and seems to work very well… and doesn’t have anything cut off it…” This is how we got onto the topic of a sweater vs. no sweater on a penis. So the questions now turned to a topic that I have long wondered about, but not thought to ask.

What exactly is a sweater? Being a girl, and having never had a penis of my very own to play with and examine, I have been left to my own imagination as to the more specific details of what one may be like. Of course I have had the occasional boyfriend, who being comfortable enough with his own penis, has allowed me to examine their penis to my hearts content. However, up until now, I have not had experience with a penis that still had its sweater on. So you can imagine my excitement at being given the opportunity to ask all the questions I ever had regarding this subject. It was quite educational.

My limited interaction with this “natural” penis, led me to believe that a penis with a sweater had a second skin covering it. Something that a guy would in fact have to peel back, like a banana, prior to penetration. It was interesting to learn that my idea while completely understandable, was inaccurate. The “natural” penis is simply a penis with quite a bit of extra skin that provides a sort of shield for the head and shaft allowing it not to lose sensitivity. When men are young and this skin is removed. The surgery is actually cutting all the excess skin away leaving a ring around the penis that is an open circular cut, which will eventually heal back together leaving a scar and a variation is skin color toward the end of the shaft closest to the head.

I thought this was fascinating because it washed away my misconception regarding cleaning the “natural” penis. Since the sock concept no longer applied, it meant that they should have no difficulty washing themselves completely. It is the same as someone who is overweight then looses a large amount of that weight, being left with an excess of hanging skin, they have to make a conscious effort to clean under the folds of skin to prevent infection. But instead of peeling back the skin they can simply push the skin up or slide it up and down and clean themselves. This same theory applies to those with a “natural” penis.

I originally found it hard to grasp this concept above, when my friend tried to explain this to me. So he asked me to go get a really long sock and provided me with a “hands on” demonstration of what it was like to have a “natural” penis. After placing my hand inside the sock. He instructed me to hold onto the end of the sock with my hand that was inside it. This being done he then had me push the sock back toward my elbow, uncovering the fist with the sock end. Instantly it became clear to me what he had been trying to explain to me.

It was not a second skin, nor to be peeled like a banana. It was just a penis with a lot of extra skin. This skin had a purpose, helping the penis to stay sensitive and not become hardened from being exposed all the time. Though he did not successfully convert me into a “natural” penis lover. He did help me understand my misconceptions regarding the “natural” penis and has made me less adverse to the concept of dating someone with a “natural” penis.

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