The pleasure of my own company…

Call me crazy…but I like my alone time. I actually cherish it.

I find myself becoming a calmer person when spending time alone. I heal.

Why is that I wonder?

I used to be this social butterfly, constantly surrounded by friend and family. But as the years go by my need for solitude has increased dramatically.

I find myself searching for a career that will allow me to provide for myself as well as grant me the solitude I so desperately desire. Be it working from home, or traveling abroad taking photographs on my own. Sometimes I fantasize about living in a hut on an island along a wooden boardwalk on the water, with nothing but my laptop, camera and nature surrounding me. Documenting it.

Is this a possibility? I feel like I am finally ready to find myself, to figure out who I really am under all this pretense. But I am scared. I am scared to leave behind the things I have grown accustomed to, the people I have come to care, trust and love. But maybe I won’t have to. I guess only time will tell.

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