Sleep Deprivation

This week seems to be crawling by at such a marvelously fast pace that I can hardly stop to smell the flowers. I just finished my second open to close shift since Saturday and am looking forward to maybe getting off work earlier tomorrow to come home and pass out. I’ve been packing my apartment up like a mad woman, discarding things that I can no longer bear to hold on to, like dish sets YIKES!!!
I spent quite some time deliberating how many towels one should in fact own. After coaxing my roommate into a discussion on said topic, I have come to the determination that it is in fact crucial that one should have in ones own possession no less that two sets and the maximum being three. One might find ones self asking the perplexing question how did we come to such a specific number, and I do have the very answer as described below:
The first set (a set being two as one might already have determined) should be the pair that hang in the bathroom eager with anticipation of being wrapped warmly around a sopping wet body. The second set should be in the closet, neatly folded for one to replace previous bathroom towels that have been used and have since turned wet and smelly. Finally the third set that is really left to the owners choice and can be done without, that is the set that may be found already occupying the dryer awaiting the folding table and could be considered the “limbo” towels. And that is all I have to say on the matter of towels!

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