The horrors of living in the city…

So my dad called me a few weeks ago and needed me to come out to Milwaukee to help out at the restaraunt. So Jaimie and I packed up my car and left 5 days after the call, and have been here since. Today is my friend Patrick’s 40th birthday!! I can’t believe how time flys by, time is a funny thing. One day you are 16 the next you are almost 30. And it just keeps on ticking. So back to this horrible city we are in. My downstairs neighbors decided to get into a huge yelling and throwing things outside match today. I called the police and within 5 minutes they arrived to exstinquish the caos below. I do not like this place. My brother’s truck was broken into a week and a half ago, stupid people, can’t keep there hands off other peoples things. I just don’t understand it. I think people used to amaze me, now nothing surprises me. Jaimie asked me the other day what I do when people are sad. He clarified it to mean when people walk around in permanent sadness. I don’t think my response was satisfactory to him. I told him, I just don’t bother trying to make people anything more than what they are anymore. Then he said well what about people you really care about. I just shrugged and said they can figure it out on there own, if they want help, I would help, but I’m still to absorbed in trying to get myself to happy, I can’t even start to help others. Anyway, this city just brings out the worst in people I think. Its a horrible, negative place, as most cities are…

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