My lastest adventure

So… we made it back to Vermont about 2 weeks ago just to turn around and drive down to Florida for the Winter…. It was a really neat road trip, J and I switched up driving the trip, we made three stops on the way… my mom’s bestfriends house in Hagerstown, my mom’s house in Burnsville, and my rainbow sister’s house in Lake City. Finally 3 days after starting our adventure we made it to Tampa. I’m staying with a couple who are both friends of mine, and they gave me my own space to turn into a room… I think I did a good job… I’ll post a pic eventually…maybe. So I’ve been moping around the house for the past week trying to get a job… I finally got one last week, my roommate and I both got the job, we did it for one nite and I’m not sure that we’ll be going back, but we have to go get our stuff out of our locker….I’ll talk to her about it later… Then I had an interview yesterday (wednesday) and was told I would hear something back by Sunday. I also had an interview today (thursday) and didn’t think it went very well, but boy was I wrong. I was called back about an hour after my interview and hired!! I start Saturday nite, I’m gonna work out the details of how I’m getting there, but I can take the bus there for sure and then probably take a cab home if I get off later than 9p… which I probably will. I’m psyched though! I also started playing GW again, which I haven’t done in a while, and made a friend…which was really cool too… Well J is still up in canada with his folks… I kinda miss hanging out with him… but I guess thats okay… so anyway I’m going back to video games…

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