Shop up and Running…literally :P

So today I finally got my etsy shop together listed a few items. Hopefully something sells, we’ll see. The bags are soooo cute, and I love making them now that I have the hang of it. The quilt is almost finished, I just have to call my grma to walk me through putting the binding on it! I have a picture up on my web album, it really turned out very lovely. I think J will love it. J has a bunch of You Tube videos up now, regarding the dome, and robot building stuff and a bunch of other things. You can go see them if you’d like, just go to and type in jmemantzel in the search option it will pull up all of his videos. My new laptop should be hear by Tuesday… I finally broke down and bought the eee pc. I’m really excited!! Trying to sell the desktop on ebay, we’ll see. So Cape Cod is beautiful, we’ve been going out to the beach every afternoon when J is finished working. I posted some pix online in my web album if you go there you can see all my photos and crafts. Okay more to come later…

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