Early Energy Ramblings

Just woke up, cuz J is up, and it always feels weird when he gets out of bed and the temperature changes, then I wake up. So now we are just lounging in our upstairs in our lounge chair room, chatting. So I was checking on my videos on youtube also, since we now have wireless broadband! Anyway, its really amazing to me how people can’t take our sense of humor sometimes. I mean geez people get a grip! I won’t even get into detail about what was said or who said it, but it was totally uncalled for! So I’m just putting a disclaimer at the end of my Q & A videos from now on, its gonna be funny. Well promised this would be short, oh that’s what ramblings mean, they are short simple posts with no frills. Talk to you later.

266 Replies to “Early Energy Ramblings”

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