Apples, Apples, Everywhere

So today I decided I would start video taping my cooking show!  Hahahhaa, well it was fun at the very least.  The thing they don’t tell you when you start a cooking show is, your end product may or may not be edible.  Well I ran out of oil and had to use olive oil, which isn’t very tasty when cooking mini pies!  I over cooked the apple brown butter sauce, so it had a nice burnt flavor to it.  The camera ran out of battery twice, and I have a ton of footage to edit.  Not sure if I am actually going to use the footage or if I am just going to chuck it up to training and start again, something new tomorrow.  I will say I think I am getting more comfortable in front of a camera and I feel myself saying “umm” a lot less.  It totally helps if you have an inkling of what you are going to say first, and probably helps more if you have actually cooked the recipe you are doing!  Well it was good for a laugh, perhaps I’ll put it up as bloobers to my journal today, we’ll see, Hope your day was better, good nite.

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