Cheesy Demos & Silly Guys

Well the demo today was fun, I think its because J was there to keep me company and we did that silly video about it, so that made the time go by a bit faster.  The samples were good today!  We had super yumm-o cheese and juice!  After we finished J and I went over to the apartment he has to fix tomorrow, while I do a coupon demo in Williston.  That’ll be fun, NOT!  I don’t really like doing demos by myself, but hey! it’s cool, I got my big girl panties on I can handle it.  Well we finished up at the apartment and headed over to express chinese food!  Because we were going to a show, this comedian, who was not as funny as his opening act, now that guy was hysterical.  But anyway.  Oh so also today J got some emails from Ontara, the girl we were becoming friends with, who I still think is totally lying about who she REALLY is, I mean I know she is a real person, because I’ve talked to her on the phone, but isn’t it a bit odd that everytime she is going to come visit or do a video chat with us or whatnot, she miraculously vanishes and then has some amazingly brilliant reason for why she did…imagine that?  Anyway, I mean I’m sure she really is the trustfund baby she claims to be, but that sounds a bit off to you too, doesn’t it.  Guess we’ll never know, but what does it matter really, because, I’ve got way better girl friends here anyway, and at least they are real and follow through and actually want to be my friend, and this girl, Ontara, she doesn’t know what she’s missing out on.  But that’s her loss, and too bad too sad sista’.  Oh!  I sold two hats so far, I really hope I can get more orders.  I’m a bit bummed that I’ve only gotten those two, I don’t think people can tell how cool they really are from the video, but if you saw these babies in person, man oh man, you’d be lovin’ it and probably want 2 for yourself.  They are so soft and plush and warm and wooly.  Anyway, I’m rambling and have to wake up early for demo tomorrow.  And I’m a bit bummed that I can’t do craft day on Monday since I have to do another demo till 3p, guess I better text my girls and let them know whats up.  Sleep tight!

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