Day off…Coming Soon.

OMG, I could not be more excited for tomorrow, it is my first day off since we got back from the Cape last week, I know I’ve been slacking on vids and entries and photos, I’m sorry 🙁  But I’ve been coming home, making dinner (or J has been really) and going to bed (Yes! I’m brushing my teeth)  So I’ve been driving all over the universe doing demonstrations, and I am just beat!  I haven’t had time to work on any of my crochet or books or fun stuff at all!  Just WORK!!  And the last time I checked I was partially retired, somehow I’m back to working a million hours in a week, go figure.  Oh well, such is life.  Next month I’m not booked at all yet, hopefully that changes, I did get some job offers this afternoon so I will have to contemplate which dates I’m interested in…hmmm.  Oh and my good friend from HS emailed me on FB today!  I haven’t talked to him in a bit, and it was cool because his bday was 5 days ago, and I totally thought to call him but I couldn’t find his number, and then poof!  He sends me this message out of the blue.  It was totally cool.  I also got a new book today, Twighlight & New Moon or whatever the second one is….yes I got sucked in.  What can I say?  There is just something so appealing about romeo and juliet style books!  BTW, I loved R & J!  I love that kind of story…it just breaks my heart…and then when the ending tricks you and it turns out super thats even better.  Okay well for those of you who have no idea, don’t worry, I’m just rambling anyway…okay I’m beat…sleep tight.

p.s. I had mashed potatoes for dinner…. taaaasssttyyyneesssss!!! okay bye

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