Demos & Caulk

Today my video was pretty short, well because I didn’t really do much other than another silly demo of handing out coupons, crochet and caulk.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.  I’m really good at caulking now, J was repairing a bad floor job and I had to fill in the floor baseboard edges with caulk to seal them, it was kinda fun and the floor looked really good when we finished.  Then we headed over to A & S’s to drop off tools and say our farewells and back to the dome we went.  When we got back, I was feeling pretty wiped out, so J made me a fruit and cheese platter!! It was super tasty and just what I wanted, I didn’t even know it until it was set in front of me.  He is so super!  Then we both spent the evening roaming around on the internet which was not very exciting, except this one guy who talks about how religion is a crock, I really liked him, because he makes perfect sense.  Anyway  I finally called it a nite, as I have a demo to do tomorrow and am pretty wiped out! Sleep well…

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