Demos, Demos, Demos

I know I haven’t been here for a few days, sorry.  We finally made it home from the Cape on Wednesday in the early evening.  Made it up to the Dome and got the fire started.  That was nice!  Then I enjoyed my day off from Demos on Thursday, just hung out with J and helped put together some panels, I am pretty psyched that we are going to get the Dome insulated before winter it looks like!  This entire weekend I’ve been doing various demos and I still have 2 more left to do on Monday and Tuesday, so nothing really exciting there.  In case you are wondering what on earth I am talking about, a Demonstrator is the same as Sample Lady.  So essentially I go from store to store trying to get people to take my free samples of stuff.  Its pretty funny.  Today was kinda hectic because I went to Middlebury to do a last minute scheduled demo that they needed covered.  I got there and found out that they didn’t need me there because another girl showed up that they forgot they had scheduled, so they asked me if I could make it over to the Demo I was originally supposed to go to in Morrisville.  So for those of you who have no idea where those two are in relation to each other, let me just make it simple 2 HOURS!  It is a 70 mile drive through the mountains and winding roads of VT.  So I made it there at 1:30pm after I finally found the store, it happens that a bridge was out and I had to detour and didn’t have any idea of where I was to begin with.  My GPS was useless and finally I just called the store.  But I finally made it there and the store employees and customers were really nice, so no worries really.  Well I am off to dinner.  No video for this entry, yet..

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