Scotland is Here

J and I had some visitors this week from Scotland!  The Scots as we will call them in my blog came out for a visit yesterday afternoon and left this afternoon.  It was super fun having them.  We made them a tasty domestyle dinner, which included chicken, mashed potatoes & veggies.  For the appetizer I cut up a delicious fruit, veggie and cheese platter with homemade mayo dip. Finally for dessert I made a tasty chocolate fondue with apples and pumpkin bread (courtesy of our Scots!).  We watched a little samurai jack on the big screen and everyone headed off to sleepyland.  In the morning the Scots took us to breakfast at a local eating spot that we favor known as Eatons Sugarhouse, and man was it tasty… It was really great having the Scots here and really enjoyed their company.  I hope that we get to go visit them soon too!  That would be super…okay back to work I go…

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