The Hall of Demo’s & Other Lameness

Today I had to do this demo where I had to pass out samples of a hard candy that a cough drop company is now making.  The store itself was really slow and its those times that the demos seem to go on FOREVER!  J was doing the same demo at a different store, that kinda sucks too because then we can’t keep each other company.  The store employees are super friendly though and they help pass the time, because they come and chat with you every now and then which is great because it helps the time go by.  The store I was in was doing flu shots today, I refuse to get one.  The first and only time I ever got a flu shot (last year) I got the flu, so whats the point I say.  I didn’t notice any difference in symptoms or length, it was just as long and horrible as J’s run with it (4 weeks!!) so I figure the best defense is to just stay away from contact with people.  Unfortunately doing demo’s doesn’t help.  But they are not super often and I try to wash my hands often and not pick my nose too much, so heh! maybe I’ll be ok.  After the demos were over, J and I headed back to our town and hung out in the college in town  and played on the internet, did some vids and downloaded some random stuff, then just after dark we headed home, and now its bed time, so thats where I’m headed…

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