Roof Roof…No not a Dog…

I spent all day today on the 3rd floor helping J put the roof together, well I mostly just laid there talking to him.  There wasn’t too much that I could help with at first, later on thought I got to saw some stuff and bring long boards up.  I carried 6 all at once!!  That was pretty cool. Then I helped in the later afternoon by bringing up these small panel pieces so that J could saw them and fit them into place.  Tomorrow I think the hope is that we will get the rest of the roof panels up and finished, which would be really nice.  So lets see what else is new?  Hmmm… well there hasn’t been any rain, and it hasn’t been very cold, so that’s been really nice.  I talked to my mom yesterday and started yelling at her because she wasn’t listening to me, which figures.  I was totally calm at first, but then she just kept interrupting me and not listening, so I lost it.  But I think that it helped her understand me more, and I was getting pretty tired of it.  I also have a new doctor that I am scheduled to go see in 3 weeks for my annual physical exam thing.  She sounds nice enough, and is into the alternative medical options, such as no drugs unless necessary.  I’m pretty psyched to meet her.  Well its pretty early for bed, but I’m not really feeling up to socializing right now, so I am just gonna go lay in bed for a bit, maybe I’ll get lucky and fall asleep…yea right… nite.

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