Homemade Decisions

So I thought I’d keep you in the loop on what I have to think about before Baby A arrives (which is not for another 36 weeks, but its best to not leave things for the last minute)

The decisions I’ve made so far are the following:

Baby Name – Aidyn March (boy) Aurora Jayde (girl)
Birthing Location – Homebirth or I guess in this case Domebirth!!
Delivery Specialist – Certified Midwife and we found the one we like the most, she is AWESOME!!
Diapering Option – Cloth, with a mix of wool covers and plastic with felt.
Carrier options – My friend JM (mother of Baby G) donated 2 baby backpacks to us (1 bjorn and one Infantino)
Feeding – Breastfeeding, JM also gave me a book on this subject to keep!
Washing clothing, etc – We have a manual washer, but I’d like to come up with a better plan, and we hang dry which is super!
Crib – J is building something really super!
Carseat – I am going to the local thrift shop, they have a pile of them and they are like a buck each.

Okay so thats as far as I’ve gotten on decisions and some items have already been aquired.

I am thinking about just making my own diapers and wipes, I found a few websites with directions and I think I can handle it.  But I will not say no to donations of clean used cloth diapers and covers.

Any suggestions or recommendations are welcome!  Good site you know of, have some used stuff you want to get rid of, etc.  Just let me know!  I am looking to keep my impact on the environment as low as possible, so I am going to try to just get lightly used items when possible from donations, local thrift shops, friends etc. 

275 Responses

  1. Your chosen names are excellent. 🙂
    Can't wait to see the crib Jaimie is going to make and the many homemade and crochet things you make for the baby too.

  2. Domebirth, Yea! Our last 3 were homebirths (Unassisted). The wife loved it! You can have as many or as few guests as you want.

    We used prefold cloth diapers with covers for one of the children. Worked out great.

    Remember, no formula says "Better than breast milk".

  3. Hola big sis,

    I like the names you picked out (my mom told me but I didn't know the spelling + middle names). I love the name Aidyn because I had a good childhood friend named Aden (same pronunciation) and he was a lot of fun. Aurora is hard for me to say, but I'll try to say it a lot these next couple of months and get used to it 🙂 How did you choose these names?/What was your reasoning?

    Hope you are having a fun weekend in Miami! I am sure it is much nicer weather than here in freezing, snowy Minneapolis.

    Anyways love you + hope you are doing well,

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