Making Changes in Planning as all Pregnancies will…

So I am just into my 6th week, feeling crampy, tired and sore most of the time, but I have no morning sickness and that I am happy about.  Lots of decisions to make over the remaining 7 months or so and here is the update on whats happening so far.

Homebirth is not a feasible option for me at this point in time, because the midwives in our area who do them charge a ridiculous fee that they claim is the balance of what the insurance doesn’t cover.  But after talking to the insurance and finding out what they cover (everything, just as with most insurance companies they don’t pay all that much) it turns out that by charging the additional fee for the things the midwife indicates it is for, is fraudulent and they cannot charge me for something that the insurance covers no matter what. since they agreed to the fee reimbursement schedule in the first place.  Not sure if I typed that out in a fashion that makes sense.  So we are back to deciding between a Birthing Center and Hospital.  I am leaning toward birthing center, as they seem to be in tune with the parents wishes and I guess this would be my second choice over homebirth.

Baby Gifts!!
We’ve already received a few used or neverused (but extras) items from our close friends and family.  I am so excited for the love and support you guys are sending our way and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so amazing and  super!

Other than the homebirth change everything else is a go ahead so far, everyday is one day closer to seeing Baby A in person, J thinks it will be a boy as does everyone else so far.  I just want Baby A to be healthy with all their parts in excellent working order.

52 Replies to “Making Changes in Planning as all Pregnancies will…”

  1. Oh, and I almost forgot: I received the GRP T-shirt last week. Thanks! It look super with extra awesomeness. Now I just have to make a video wearing it…

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