The Little One Begins…


Okay I got it out of my system.  See there’s the test confirming it!  OMG!!!  Okay sorry guys, I’m sure that wasn’t really necessary but…. honestly, you know you’re excited too!!

So I’m super pysched and really happy and all that, I burst into tears after I took the test and I read the results.  I took the test in to show J and his response was “Yeah, I knew like 4 days ago.”  Really???  Could I just get a hug or something, He jumped up off the bed and picked me up in a big hug and then we snuggled and I burst into tears again.  I’m sure that was TMI for you, but.. well… this is my blog, and well you don’t have to read it.  But I’m totally glad your here reading it and laughing or crying or being happy or whatever.  So here’s how my day went, I did a really fun demo today for Hershey chocolate bars and Reese’s peanut butter cups.  I gave away free samples of both candy products.  Needless to say it was very exciting and made everyone smile.  The employees & management at the Hannafords in Essex Junction, VT are AWESOME and really helpful and super friendly, so it made my last two days that much more fun.  Well when my demo was over I came back to our friend A & S’s house, since thats were we stay when I have jobs up in this area.  “A” made some really tasty dip, I will have to ask her for the recipe and post it on my cooking website, but man it was SOOOOO good.  It is the perfect Superbowl Sunday treat too!  Its this buffalo chicken dip bake.  Has chicken, cream cheese, buffalo wing sauce, bleu cheese and its all in this casserole dish and you bake it for like 20 minutes.  Mmmmmmm sooooo good.  Well we dipped carrots and celery and tortilla chips in it and between the 6 of us (4 adults/ 2 kids) we finished the whole thing in a matter of a half hour I think, maybe even less.  Anyway, then “A” was like so are you prego yet?  I said I dunno, I might be.  Then she said “OMG! Go take the test right now!!”  I said, Nah I’ll just wait and see if I miss my Aunt Flo by Weds. 
Then we started talking about if I had any signs or anything like that, I said I wasn’t really sure, because the symptoms are so similiar to AF.  Well then I went downstairs and was laying on the bed and started feeling kinda crampy again, so I decided to just go test and well you know that outcome!!  Okay well wish me luck I’m approximately 3 1/2 weeks today I think and should be due on Oct 18th by my calculations.  I am SOOOOOOOOO Excited.  So what next?  I’ll keep you posted!!

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