Trimesters ending, trimesters beginning and lots of work to do…whats a girl to do?

So the big news for the day is tomorrow ends my first trimester and Monday begins my 2nd!  So far I’m doing pretty super I think!  Today I went to SM’s house for our first yard sale!! I think it was pretty successful.  She does too!  I managed to help her earn about $43 total and all in all I think everyone was satisfied.  We have another one planned for the 24th and made sure to tell people about it, I think SM will have more items organized (hopefully) this time so we have more to display!!  J came with us and kept Lil’ D (SM’s 12 year old) company.  These last few weeks seem to have flown by in a blur. J and I were hired to help run a booth at 4 trade shows and we just finished the last one Thursday, so now we get to relax for a bit.  My second prenatal appointment is Monday, its really cool that J goes with me, makes me feel like he’s really on board with this too.  When we went to the bank today, found out that the teller there (who we know, because we bank there so often and its a small town) is also pregnant and she is expecting 4 days after me!!  She’s also going to the same birthing center.  Its really nice to find out other girls around me are going through the same thing around the same time. 

Farmer’s Market in out town is coming up in about a month or so and I have decided that this year I would get a booth!  So I’m working on all sorts of crafty things!  Everything from hand painted greeting cards with matching envelopes, felt tote bags lined with cotton fabric, to crocheted hats and baby toys.  I really hope that its successful, we’ll see, fingers crossed.  I will also be updating my website soon with the new items I am going to be making.  I think it will included greeting cards, postcards, gift bags and other such items.  Will keep you posted.  Oh and I will have some new vids up soon on, just with all the building caos and working and making items to sell, its been a bit hectic, but I’ll see what I can do! 

See ya soon!

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