Dashaina’s 30th Birthday Wishlist

Hi Everyone!

Some of you have been asking about what I would like for my upcoming 30th birthday on May 17th.  I really need some clothes that fit me during my pregnancy.  I went ahead and created a wishlist through Target and Walmart.  If you would rather donate to a great cause, please click on my give back birthday banner toward the top of this page.  In order to find my registry type in my first and last name (Dashaina Gibbs) on the website and it should get you to the right spot!  If you have any questions, let me know!

Look at the left side of the webpage and enter my first and last name under search wish list
Select Gift Registry’s & Lists and type in my first and last name under the Target Lists area.

Thanks for all your support!

224 Replies to “Dashaina’s 30th Birthday Wishlist”

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