Happy 30th Birthday!!

Wow! I made it!  An entire 3 decades of life and I’m still doing super!  I am 18 weeks pregnant today and very excited about my new little “in creation” human.  Today J made me Crepes for breakfast and they were super tasty! I had mine with peanut butter and chopped bananas inside! 
We then spent the day working on a special building project!  We started making the “in-laws” apartment in the Banana Building.  It is basically an apartment for our out of town guests to stay in.  I think it will consist of two small rooms, have a little balcony(that will hang over inside the building) and eventually have a larger window, but right now has a small side floor window.  We are using only wood from the forest at this point, so it will be a “tree” house theme. 
I am very exciting to finish it up and start making the furniture and decorating it.  Today we finished putting up the frame and will hopefully be able to put down the floor and walls tomorrow, perhaps even some stairs!  I am also working on a pair of lilac (acrylic yarn) crocheted wristers (imagine mittens without the finger or thumb covered) and so far the first one looks very nice!  J and I went out to dinner at Denny’s (because they give you a free BYO grand slam on your birthday, just bring your ID).  My mom sent me a birthday card with $30 in it (she also bought me an entire wardrobe of maternity clothing) and we used that to pay for our dinner.  We ended our evening watching our favorite show, Dr. Who.  All in all I would say my birthday was a super happy day and am looking forward to tomorrow when we can work on the apartment some more!

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  1. Happy belated birthday! I'm glad you had a great day! Your guest house sounds like it'll turn out really nice! I wish we were handy like that LOL! WTG, thats an ambitious project esp. while your pregnant!

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