3 Months Old!!

So I finally made it to three months!! How exciting.
Aurora is doing great!  She loves being in her stationary jumper and bouncing herself around.  She is reaching and grabing onto things with more strength too!  She is now 2 feet tall and weighs just over 13lbs. She loves to “talk” to me all the time and has such a big beautiful smile and laugh, it makes me smile everytime I look at her.  This past month she has been visiting with her grandparents, aunts and uncles in Wisconsin, where my dad lives.  It is so amazing to me that everyday she seems to be so much different from the day before.  She is able to turn her head smoothly and looks for sounds when she hears them.  She responds with a smile and laugh when you talk to her and play with her.  I am so exciting watching her grow and learn.  Children are truly an amazing thing!

63 Replies to “3 Months Old!!”

  1. She is so Beautiful! Just like her mama ;0) I can tell the two of you are going to be amazing parents! Enjoy this time… they grow so fast! Good luck ;0)

    We just love watching yours & Jamies videos… love your attitudes & positivity <3
    God Bless

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