Sickness & The Infanta

Sicknesses are the worst!!  Aurora caught a cold from someone this week, I think it happened when we had some visitors over.  But she’s been sick since Thursdayish, the poor little girl.  I mean, I think we got pretty lucky with our little one.  She doesn’t complain really and seems in generally good spirits. But its still pretty awful seeing her ill.  Coughing her brains out and stuffy nose and then runny nose and mucus all over the place and just feeling generally yuck-o. Then you have to make decisions about it. Do you get a little sucker for her nose or just let her deal with the mucus in her own way?  Should you sit her up more in her crib so she can breathe easier? Or does that really help?  How often should she eat? Should you wake her up to feed her every few hours?  Should you read things about other babies with illnesses?  The list goes on and on.  It’s a good thing I have J around to help reign me in on going overboard.  His approach? Keep it simple.  Feed her when she’s hungry, let her sleep, keep her dry and safe, and keep her temperature even and her body will take care of the rest.  But it’s so hard to not worry anyway…

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