The Jacksonville Zoo

I love lemon icecream!  There is just something about its creamy tartness that brings such joy to my tongue and tummy.  The fact that I happen to be consuming lemon icecream at this moment, may or may not have anything to do with my current thoughts on this subject, but, there you go. Mmmmm….
On Wednesday Aurora and I went to the Jacksonville Zoo!! 
What a blast!  Since the car is currently in the shop, we took the bus and had ourselves a nice little adventure. On the bus we met a girl who works for the Zoo and she happily told us about all the neat stuff we could do there, how to get there, how to get home and even walked with us to show us the way, once we got off the bus.  What a nice person.  We met up with our new Jacksonville playfriend and his momma.  They were also very excited to be at the zoo.  The day was a beautiful 80 degrees, sunny with a light wind.  It was delightful. 
The first animal we saw was the baby leopard, he is 7 months old (almost the same age as Aurora!!) and weighed in at 44lbs (not almost the same weight as Aurora). 
Then we walked the boardwalk trail and saw white rhinos, storks, a warthog and a few other animals. 
We made it to the train just in time to catch a ride and see the entire zoo from the comfort of a seat. 

During the train ride we saw Zebras!! Did you know that Zebras are in fact Black with White stripes and their stripe pattern is as unique to them as our fingerprints are to us??  Cool huh? 
Then we saw the giraffe family with their newest addition born on christmas eve.  After the Giraffe’s we saw their herd of African elephants ladies, there were 3 of them on the paddock.  Did you know that you can tell they are from Africa because their ear shape looks like the African continent, its true!  Eventually we made it to the Asian gardens and went to the DINO ALIVE exhibit. 
Then it was time to take a quick break and head over to feed the Lorikeets.  Since the kiddos were both sleeping, our play friends momma offered to watch the kids, while I went in to feed the birds.  It was really neat!  You buy a cup of nectar and then hold it out and the birds land on your shoulder, arm, wrist or hand and drink from the cup.  Following that we headed off to pet the dwarf goats,
Aurora really got a kick out of that, and we checked out their little water park.  From there we headed over to get our carousel ride on a stationary Giraffe.  It was Aurora’s first time on a carousel and she totally loved it! 
Pretty neat-o!  A quick look at the time and we realized the day had really flown by.  So we booked it over to the Great Apes exihibit and saw the silver back boys snoozin’ in the sun, as well as the Bonobos and Chimpanzes.  Finally we made our way out of the park, parted ways and Aurora and I took our 2 hours bus ride home. Man was I happy to see J and be off the bus!  What a fabulous day!

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