The Tractor Disaster

We’ve been staying in Jacksonville, FL for the last week.  Aurora and I have been going to baby classes in the area.  They are really fun and she seems to enjoy them alot!  Anyhoo…well yesterday we were invited to visit my Aunt & Uncle’s house for dinner.  Upon arriving, J decided to check under the hood, as he usually does, since we have a slight coolant leak that seems to be evading us and to check that everything else is still in tack.  After lifting the hood and verifying the coolant is still in fact…leaking.  J noticed a large strip of belt dangling off of a part in the car and that the belt it was connected to, looked like it had been eaten.  (Turns out that is what happens when coolant drips onto a belt over and over). As I was walking around to the back of the vehicle, I noticed that there was a steady dripping and a faint smell of gas.  Hmm…weird, I was under the impression that the gass was supposed to stay IN the tank.  Strange?  I mention this to J and he comes around to look and sure enough, the car is NOT supposed to be doing what it is currently doing.  So we head inside to consult with my Uncle about mechanics, etc.  J and my Uncle head outside, while I continue my visit with my Aunt.  They come back in a few minutes later with grim faces, the outlook, of course, is not very optimistic.  My Uncle heads over to the computer and looks up the shop he is familiar with that works on our brand of vehicle.  He prints out a map and the number and writes the name of the manager on it.  Then we mingle for a bit, discussing what time we should head over there in the morning, since it is after 6p and we ASSUME they are closed already.  A few minutes later my Uncle leaves the room, after a few minutes, he comes back and says “The shop is open till 7”.  J and I look at each other with happiness all over our faces.  OH Hooray!!  My Uncle goes to get his coat and the 4 of us (me, J, Uncle & Aurora) head out the door.  The shop is right down the street, so we get there and wait for a few minutes for M the service writer to be finished with another client.  M heads over to us and smiling asks us to show him the problem.  The leaking at this point has slowed significantly, but is still slightly dripping.  J shows him the other issues too.  M seems pretty confident that they will be able to get all the issues taken car of for a reasonable price in a reasonable amount of time.  We thank him and head back to the house.  After a tasty dinner of chicken parmasean.  My Uncle drives us back to the Studio 6, Extended Stay and wishes us good night.  What a day…guess we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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