Au Pairs Come, Au Pairs Go…

Some of you may know that we recently hired an Au Pair to come stay with us.  Two weeks have gone by and she has decided that it is not the “experience” for her “path” in life.   J and I spent 20 minutes discussing what to do, we decided that her leaving immediately was best for all of us. 

So now on for a new search or do we??  I’m not sure if having an Au Pair is the right decision for us either…


The End

55 Replies to “Au Pairs Come, Au Pairs Go…”

  1. You live a very different life than what most people are used to. I suspect you will have a sense of "culture shock" with most people you might bring in there. 🙂 You may have a difficult time finding someone who will be happy out there…but maybe not. 🙂


  2. I think you & J are doing an amazing job on your own… but I can see how having another person around could be helpful! I think as Aurora gets bigger (crawling & walking) you will REALLY need another set of eyes around ;0) There are alot of dangers for a toddler in & outside of your awesome home! So I say keep the search going! It may take awhile to find that "perfect" match, but they are out there! All that matters is that u & the baby are happy with them & feel comfortable w/ them… & they r trustworthy) :0) You'll find em' & I know you 2 will raise that little girl to be an awesome person! Good Luck! (wish I could do it …but I have a 6 & 8yr old..oh & a husband here):0)~ Take Care ;0)

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