Tye Dye Love!!

Today I decided that it was “Tye Dye” day!!  What fun!  A friend of mine from Jacksonville gave me a Moby wrap when we were there back in April.  It is a cream color and just begging to be dyed something fabulous.  On a quick jaunt through Wally World the other day, I stumbled across fabric dye!!  So doing what any self respecting crafty woman would do, I bought two colors (pink and gray) and determined that I would dye my moby wrap sometime during the week. 

Today was that day!  I wrangled up the ingredients and set to work.  We even had enough dye water left over to dye lots of other stuff, 5 small t-shirts, 2 large t-shirts, 2 diaper covers and my hands.  Amazing! 

So here is a photo of the t-shirt results.  Will post a pic of the Moby as soon as it dries.  I even made a video, pretty sweet too!
Tah Tah


135 Replies to “Tye Dye Love!!”

  1. it seems you had a great time … this remind me to the camp..

    there is the only place where I have done this.. I should try seems to be awesome!!

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