21 Day Body Challenge

I’ve decided to start getting my butt in gear in terms of regularly exercising, eating better and taking my B’s, vitamins that is.  I’m determined to do it at no cost and using stuff around the house.  Which is totally possible with motivation.  Motivation seems to be the difficult thing for me.  I am constantly coming up with excuses and reasons I cannot spend 12, 15 or 30 minutes exercising during the day.  Heck I even come up with reasons not to do 10 pushups or run around the driveway with my kids.

Sitting has become my usual pastime and it’s about time that changed.  I’d like to commit myself to working out everyday for 7 days.  Then I’d like to commit to everyday for 7 more days and then 7 more days.  Eventually I’d like to get to the point where it becomes habit that I wake up and do some kind of exercise.  J takes the girls in the morning and honestly I have no excuse as to why not.  Everything I’ve been reading indicates that the best method is to break it up into 10 minute segments. When I say working out everyday, I mean making a conscious decision to spending at least 20 minutes doing something to get my heart rate going and my muscles really working.  I’m not talking about an hour and a half of lifting heavy weights and running for miles.  I am looking for that quick, challenging, fun workout that keeps my muscles challenged and my brain engaged.

The next aspect of my body/mind make over is that little issue with taking my B vitamins everyday.  I have found that they seem to really improve my mood, boost my fat loss from the baby and overall make me feel better.  The issue I’m having with them is…taking them everyday consistently.  I need a non-electronic method of remembering to do it.  I’ve been doing good the last 2 days, but I need to get over that hump of 21 days so that it becomes a habit.

Taking the B vitamins helps me also feel less irritated with people around me, it’s not just the B’s, it’s the exercising also, but the B’s help a lot.  I’m really trying to be less of a bitch and more of a pleasant person.  I’m done feeling angry and irritated all the time.

Lastly I would like to start eating better.  I generally eat pretty well.  We go for organic foods for 80% of our daily food choices.  We don’t usually eat processed, instead choosing food in it’s natural state and combining it to make things from scratch when possible.  But I think we could try eating more veggies and a bit less sugary.

So overall I’m trying to come up with a total body makeover plan.  Something that is fun, challenging and easy to integrate into my life.  I’d like to commit to this, get motivated to do it and enjoy what I’m doing.
What do you do to motivate yourself?  What type of short high intensity workouts to enjoy doing?  Who are your favourite trainers to follow?  What free programs do you know about that allow you to stick to a schedule? What natural food eating plan works for you and your family?

 I’m going to take some before and after photos and check back in at the end of the month, in 20 days. I’m going to try and blog about my progress during the month at least once a week.  There are lots of other things that tie into making life more awesome.  But these are the top three things for me.

Anyone else game?  Let’s call this the 21 day challenge. Looking forward to seeing a better me and maybe even a better you.

295 Responses

  1. I'm drinking lots of tea and waters as much as often over Soda, it is hard but I think it's worth it.(healthwise)

    Reading this can help me get fired up to do some art, I've been taking a break from that habit for a week now, but when I look at my art it's not half bad! Kind of makes me want to draw some more now . 🙂

    Ok I hope your and Jaimie's days are full of sunshine!

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