Chile!!! And Beyond.

We are going to CHILE this winter!!!  Yes folks, it’s true.  The string bean country in South America is calling our names and we are taking on the adventure.

Our roundtrip tickets have been purchased and we will be spending 3 fabously adventurous months in a beautiful country, experiencing a variety of climates and food.  It’s going to be awesome!

Our plane takes off from Miami International Airport on the early evening of 24 December and lands in Santiago, Chile at extra early O’clock in the morning on 25 December.

We are meeting up with several youtube fans of J’s and really excited to get to know the language and culture of the country we’ve chosen to live in for a while.  Could this be our new home?  Maybe!!  It’s all very exciting and I’m excited to share the notes on our adventures over the next few months.

I think this photo from National Geographic just about sums it up.

Who wouldn’t want to go here??  Seriously. 🙂

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