RV Life in the U-Haul Truck Conversion

This post has been a few months coming.  Sorry for such a delay.

As some of you might know J and I recently put our property up for sale in Vermont and moved into a U-haul truck.  It took about 3 weeks to get it into livable condition and is still a work in progress.  Overall it’s pretty amazing!!  We have all the things we would need to be self contained as long as we have sun on our roof.

We finished packing up our truck on 8 December and headed North toward Hamilton, ON.  We stopped and visited with J’s family there for a few weeks then started heading South before the snows came in.  We made several stops along the way ending up in Ashville, NC to visit my family over the Halloween weekend. We were really grateful for the friends, family and Wal-marts who allowed us to park overnight along the way.

At the end of the weekend we packed up and began heading South again ending up in McCormick, SC.  We stayed two nights, because we were bombarded with Lady Bugs the first full day of our visit!!  We decided that was enough and began our venture South again ending in St. Augustine & Daytona Beach, Florida for a total of a week and a half.  We really enjoyed visiting my two high school/college girlfriends. Thanks ladies for such a great visit!!  We made it down to our 2nd to last destination (for this adventure) in Florida City, Florida around mid-November, just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with my Florida family.  We enjoyed almost two amazing weeks with my closest and longest known friend and her family, parked in her back yard and enjoying the company of her and her children.  We then continued further South just after the holiday weekend and ended this adventure with close family friends of mine.

The last few weeks we’ve been parked in a friends driveway in Tavernier Key, Florida in not so optimal sun catching position.  However, they have a little guest house they’ve allowed us to utilise for our electrical and refrigeration needs, so it’s been great!Where will we end up next you might ask….check out my Chile blog and see.

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