Homemade – Buttermilk

I never have this stuff on hand, but I love making buttermilk recipes, pancakes, biscuits, fried chicken, pretty much anything you would put milk in could benefit from a little buttermilk.

That’s just in my opinion and really that’s all that matters anyhow.:)

So a few years ago I ran across a recipe on how to make buttermilk on my own, using two ingredients.

Lemon Juice

Of which I always have those on hand in the pantry or cold area.

Homemade Buttermilk
1 Tbs Lemon Juice

Equipment Needed
Jar with a fitted lid (so you can shake it up!)
1 Cup Measuring device

1.Put lemon juice in 1 cup measuring device and fill the rest of the cup with cold milk.
2.Pour contents into your jar and put the lid on well, so nothing comes out when you shake it.
3.Let sit for 10-15 minutes on your counter (I usually make this at the beginning of the recipe I’m gonna use it in, so that by the time I get to it, its ready to go)
4.Shake it! Just take a moment to enjoy the feel of shaking something up. You can really get into it, dance around the kitchen with your toddler, pass it around to your older children, let them shake it too. Its fun, trust me. Live a little.
Ready to use in whatever recipe you use it in!! Enjoy.

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