Mashed Potatoes Recipe


Mashed Potatoes
Serves 4-6
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes

4-5 Medium Potatoes (cleaned & cubed, not peeled, the peel has nutrients, it is good for you, eat them)
1/2 Tbs Salt
1/2 Stick Butter (salted or un, your choice)
1/4 cup Milk (give or take, add it slowly, you don’t want potato soup)
2 Tbs Mayonaise (heaping)
Salt, Pepper & Paprika

Equipment Needed
Large Saucepot w/Lid
Large Mixing Bowl
Cutting board

Prep your potatoes and put them in the large saucepot. Fill the pot with enough water to cover the potatoes and 1″ to spare, add 1/2 Tbs salt and cover pot.
Set the water/potatoes to boil over high heat. When water begins to boil, wait 3 minutes (when it is about to bubble over) and reduce heat to low. Simmer for 15 minutes.
Remove from heat (turn off the stove) and drain in sink. Dump the potatoes into the large mixing bowl.
Add butter (cut it up a little it will blend in faster), mayo and 1/2 of the milk. Mash with a fork until ingredients are well combined. If it is too stiff, add the remaining milk, until desired consistency is reached.
Add salt, pepper and paprika to taste.

Serve Immediately with Baked Lemon-Cheddar Chicken Recipe.

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