The Houseboat Begins… Constructing the Workshop.


Creating such a large boat, on such a hilly island required some outside of the box ideas for workshop location. Ideally J wanted close to home, well ventilated, flat floor, cover from elements and easy water access. So it should come as no surprise when our own boathouse became the prime suspect. It had almost everything he wanted, except a floor!

Easy enough fix when you’ve just purchased a chain saw and the last few days have seen a few of your neighbors trees crash down due to heavy rains. Our neighbor happily offered the fallen trees to J and over the next few days he went out all geared up to create his own floorboards.

Initially he was cutting them in our front yard, but we soon discovered Bellatrix is terrified of the chainsaw sound, so he relocated to our neighbors yard and road the boards back through the water. Yep! He literally tied them together, sat on top of them and paddled back to our dock.

Within a few days J created a suitable workshop for building a mega houseboat.

Check it out!


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