The Houseboat Begins…Arrival of the Supplies!!

It’s here! It’s actually HERE!!

The supplies have finally arrived.  Several weeks ago we ordered a huge shipment of supplies from a local complete hardware shop called Casa Rosada, in Alimirante.  The supplies made it almost to Almirante 2 weeks later and then the delivery truck broke down!!  A few days later, truck repaired, the supplies were delivered to the warehouse in Almirante. The plan was to put it on the delivery boat the next day to be delivered last Monday.  Mother nature had other plans though and it proceeded to rain EVERY SINGLE DAY up until Saturday.  The delivery boat refused to deliver.  The owner of the company demanded they deliver Sunday or he would find a replacement.  Again mother nature said “nope” and it poured rain.  We kept our fingers crossed for Monday being a beautiful day and…it was SUNNY!!  Actual sun in the sky, white fluffy clouds and not a drop of rain to be had all day!!  The owner had already replaced previous driver and he and his boys arrived in the early afternoon.  With the help of the guys and our neighbor’s worker, J was able to get it all unloaded, counted and put away quickly. We received over 100 sheets of plywood, 30+ 5 gallon buckets of resin, hardener and over a thousand yards of fiberglass mat and cloth by the bolt.

Now the fun begins…building the houseboat.  It’s gonna be so mega amazing!!

Can’t wait to post progress pics!!

See ya’s,


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