Preschool and Tot School!!

We’ve decided it’s time to start preschool for Aurora and since we are homeschooling, it will be at home.  We began with a test run day today, it went pretty well. I’m going to continue using preschool packs from and see how we go from there. Aurora really enjoyed the little bug packet I made for the “pretty bugs” theme we used today. We did a lot of painting. Three different painting projects. First I traced a butterfly onto brown paper and the girls stood at the counter colouring and painting with water colours. Later, during Bellatrix’s nap, Aurora and I did paint pressing and caterpiller names. Paint pressing is when you paint half the page and press it together to get a neat design. We turned ours into butterflies. Then with caterpillar Names we cut out circles and wrote all the letters of each girls name, the glued them onto a watercolour pInted background. We had fun! After painting we went through the activities in her Bug book that I hand drew and glued together. We even played the little board game I came up with in the middle, very simple. Overall it was a successful test day.

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