Clue # 1
Beginner Knitting Option A

What to do?

When I looked through the choices under clue #1 I was presented with a few decisions….

Knit or Crochet? A,B or C?
Knit or Crochet? A,B or C?

First, would I crochet or would I knit?  Second, would I choose beginner, easy or intermediate?

Hmmm…After a brief consultation with my friend K online, we had decided we wanted to do this KCAL together.  So I picked Knitting and so did K!!  

While some of you may remember I’m a professional crocheted (yep! I’ve had a store online AND actually sold things I’ve made crocheted and sewn). This time after looking through all the choices, I decided I wanted to learn something new.  Knitting!  

A few years back (alright maybe 5ish years ago now), J’s mom aka Other Momma (to my girls), patiently sat on the patio of the Dome and taught me how to knit.  Since that time, I’ve completed one knitted project, which I blogged about at the time, for Aurora…which has since gone missing.  That being said, I felt it was time to focus and conquer my ridiculous fear of knitting.

Clue #1 , here we go!

I chose letter A (beginner knitting) under the knitting options of clue #1 and went to work.  I downloaded the four short videos accompanying the beginner section, casting on, knitting, purling, and .  I downloaded the pattern sheet and went in search of the needed supplies.For this project I would need a pair of MATCHING knitting needles around size 8 (I only found 6’s and they are working just fine), some yarn of worsted weight ( I stuffed a few colours in my bag and walked out of my closet, ended up picking green to start), a pair of scissors and a tape measure (thanks to O.M. I have a magnetic one now!).

I sat down on the couch during quiet time and began watching the video tutorials.  Starting with the cable cast on and (once mastered) moving through knitting and pulling.  Even Aurora came and watched those last two.  After which, I got opened the pattern and got started….seems to be going pretty well.  Even Aurora started her own “knotting” project.

Yeah we're knitting!!
Yeah we’re knitting!!

By the end of the day yesterday I was 5 sets in to clue #1 and getting a bit bored. Plus, let’s face it, I’m never going to wear a long scarf here, so I decided to make this more as a sampler of all the stitches I can learn.  So I’m thinking about what to do next.  

Halfway through Clue #1
Halfway through Clue #1

I completed 6 sets and finished off with 2 rows of the garter stitch (in blue) last night. Today I plan on watching the videos for the “easy” choice under clue 1 and either adding that, or starting another “sampler” of all “easy” stitches and then the same for all “intermediate” stitches”.  Then using them as wall art!

Now what colour do I want to choose?  


Have a crafty day!


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Beginner Knitting Option A”

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