Football Season Snacktime:
Crostini Bar/Table

Football season is here.

Today’s game: NYJ at GB.


It is time for our family to stick with healthy snacking/meals throughout the numerous tv games. The crostini bar/table is great for game time. Its easy to prepare different pates if you have a good food processor. With a head of broccoli cut up to fit inside the food processor I let it roar adding olive oil, vinegar, pepper, garlic, onion powder, salt, maybe mustard so its spreadable. The same with cauliflower, though the texture may be coarser, so steam it prior to processing for a smoother mash like potatoes effect.

Today, the cauliflower, one yellow squash and some onion were steamed and cooled. Into the food processor it went along with olive oil, vinegar, pepper, and saffron.

Sorry but no measurements, I just do it.

Today's mushroom pate included olives, vinegar, and fresh parsley picked from right outside my front door.
Today’s mushroom pate included olives, vinegar, and fresh parsley picked from right outside my front door.

Instead of toasted Italian bread, I bring out the dippable chips or crackers for spread.

Dip Dip Hooray!

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