Mystery Knit/Crochet – A – Long

Back at the beginning of August, I signed up for a mystery knit/crochet-a-long over at the Bernat website.  It stated that it would start in September and emails would be sent out when it began.  A month went by and I completely forgot about.

Then a yesterday I got an email stating “Clue #2” for the mystery KCAL.  I thought to myseff.  Weird, I don’t remember getting “Clue #1” and at the same time I thought.  Sweet! I had forgetten all about this awesome event.

So I spent the next 3 minutes looking through my trash bin in my email, and sure enough, it had been deleted by accident.  Oops!  I happily opened up the email and perused through the clue #1 and read the accompanying little story.  This looks like it’s gonna be sweet.

Let's Get Started!!
Let’s Get Started!!

Also, even if you are new to kniting or crocheting or both, have no fear! Bernat has created a wonderful tutorial video for every stitch they give us in the KCAL.  They videos are clear, concise and easy to follow along.  Even my daughters (4&2yr olds) sat captivated by the knitting instruction. Ha!

You don’t have to buy anything, you don’t even have to use any specific type/colour/size of anything.  Just pick a hook or needles up that you are familiar with and a pretty colour of worsted weight yarn and let’s get started.

Let the fun begin.

Have a beautiful day


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