Adventures in DIY Makeup


I’ve started a new quest!

Yep that’s right, it’s a quest!

Because it is and that’s that.

This quest is to figure out if it’s possible to make all makeup at home with ingredients I ACTUALLY HAVE at home.  I don’t want to buy all kinds of fancy clays and special oils, gels or activated capsules of something.  I want to use stuff I could actually buy at the local stores here and potentially grow myself.

I know it must be possible.


Personally, I don’t wear makeup often.

There are TONS of questionable chemicals in those sparkly little packages of colour and I have no idea how they will affect my body or health, so yeah, no thanks.

If I do use it, I’ll typcially only partake in a smidgen of mascara and light glazing of tinted lipgloss.  I have an organic mascara and tinted lipgloss that I feel safe enough wearing. But they are expensive and I feel like I should be able to make them myself dangit!!

There are also times where I’d love to slap on a little foundation, add a little colour to my cheeks and eyes.  You know, get prettyfied. 🙂

Just for the heck of it.

Because I can. 😉

Let the quest begin!

Now what can I make first??

Have a beautiful day!

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