DIY Makeup Item #3, 4 & 5 Lipgloss, Cream Blush & Eyeshadow All-in-One!!

Today as I was purusing the internet for DIY “lip stain” recipes.  I came across this easy and quick idea, using two ingredients!!  How fab is that??  I’m such a sucker for 2 ingredient DIY ideas.  This will go lovely with my 2 ingredient DIY mascara!!

I used the recipe here, DIY Crayon Lipgloss Tutorial, and tweaked it a bit, because I didn’t have coconut oil and I didn’t want to use an entire crayon, since I was planning on making a few different colours.

Now I also needed to figure out what I could use for the container.  I don’t have any lip gloss pots laying around and am not able to aquire some at last minute notice. I’m also a big fan of using what I have around the house already. I decided to use milk caps!!

For the past 8 months we’ve been saving all the caps from the shelf milk we drink.  We go through about a case a month (12 per case).  Needless to say we have a pile of milk caps.

Here in Panama fresh milk is hard to come by, another post for another day. 


I collected the necessary ingredients and got to work!  We used the same process over at
Mom Dot and in about 30 minutes had 7 milk caps filled with brightly coloured homemade lip stain. 

A.J. discovered it could be used as cheek stain, nail polish and arm tattoos…
B.A. discovered it could also be used as eyeshadow, above and below…

What a hoot! 
Even I joined in the fun!

We had a great time and now are able to play “dress up” without worrying about all the chemicals.

Have you tried any DIY makeups?  We’re really having a blast discovering all the things we can make ourselves.

Have a beatiful day!

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