DIY Makeup Item #2 – Mascara!!

The second item on my list of “Can I make that from scratch easily?”..


I’ve chosen mascara second because it seemed like the next step from eyeliner.  Purusing around the internet for recipes began to make me feel like it might be the trickiest of all the things on my list. It turned out, it’s not that tricky, doesn’t require complex chemistry equations or specific measuring devices.

In fact, for the recipe I chose, I didn’t measure anything at all, thank you very much. 

A few recipes on the internet in hand, I glanced through my cabinets and it turns out, for most of the recipes, I was missing a few key ingredients; Basically all of the items that mattered!! 

Most of the recipes called for a black charcoal or cocoa powder (for brown) or a blend of the two, an oil and aloe vera gel.  Seeing as I wanted to make the mascara now, not in a month, when we get to the mainland to shop again, I started looking for substitution ideas.  I already had the solution to the charcoal powder.  I would just use the black powder from my kajal eyeliner experiment.  I figured out the oil could really be any solid at room temperature oil, so perhaps vegetable shortening would work??

Sweet. Two solutions down, one to go… 

What could I use for aloe? 

It is really necessary??

Low an behold I stumbled upon two separate bloggers who did reviews of all the mascara recipes they could find and they ended up not liking ANY of them, except one!! 


All it took for them was 1 egg yolk and 3-4 activated charcoal tablets, blend well in a glass bowl and pack it into a sterilized tube, viola!

So I got to work, since I would have to make my charcoal powder from scratch. Twenty minutes later and a decent pile of powdery blackness. I collected it into a little cleaned out 2oz plastic makeup pot. ( A reclaimed eye cream container I found in my stash of expired makeup stuff!)

I pulled my egg yolk out of the fridge (I had seperated it from the breakfast eggs that morning, so yep the white was not wasted, in fact it was delicious.) and dropped it into my little jar, perfect fit!

I then began mashing it around with my “ultra super cleaned” finger tip until the powder and yolk were well blend together.  This took about 3 minutes of mixing. Kind of a pain in the bum, honestly.

Once my concoction had reached acceptable darkness colouring, I slathered some onto my cleaned and disenfected reclaimed mascara wand.  Turns out this stuff is globby, slippery and a little goes a LONG way.  I basically put too much on the wand and ended up with a gloppy mess on my lashes.  Since this stuff doesn’t dry super fast, I used the remaining glob on my other eye and rinsed the brush.  I then used the clean brush to even, seperate and touch up the globs and they looked fantastic!!

Yep, that’s what I’m wearing in the photo collage!

I only wear mascara on my upper lashes.

Because I’m a weirdo and that’s how I roll thank you very much.

I think for the next batch, I’m going to add more powdered charcoal and less yolk. Especially since it doesn’t take that much even if you wear it everyday.

If you want more information on how to make your own, google “egg yolk mascara” there are many excellent tutorials on the internet that can speed walk you through the process.

Have a beautiful day. 🙂

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