Make it! Princess (or Prince, Queen, King, Empress, Emperor) Crowns

Today we made princess crowns.
From this brown paper roll I have that we use for all kinds of crafty things, including making patterns for sewing!!
But today it was all about princess crowns.
It was fun, quick and super easy.
All you need are a few simple items and you’re ready to give your daughters (or sons) a title of royalty. 

Paper (enough to make it all the way around the head, we cut ours a bit short and just used some scraps and tape to add length.)
Markers (preferably the washable kind!!)
And any other sparkly things you think might made it more super, glitter, little beads, ribbons, string, etc…and of course some glue if you go that route.
We kept it simple with just markers….and crayons work just fine for those precious 2 year old fingers who want to just paint your entire house and their bodies with the markers, just when you aren’t prepared for that kind of madness.  I wasn’t, so I decorated it for her.
First, if you are making two, cut down on time by folding your paper in half lengthwise and then in half widthwise.
Draw half of the design on the paper.
Cut it out along the lines.
Open it up!  Then cut along the center line for the two crowns, so they can be detached.  Unless you have children who like to stand head to head and then they can just wear them together. 😉 Now, measure the child(ren)s head and adjust accordingly, by chopping off or adding paper. When you’ve got the correct length, take two pieces of tape and tape along the cut on the inside and outside, this makes it more durable.
Now go ahead and pass those markers or crayons out and let the children decorate their hearts content.
Blam! Done.  Now bequeath those titles, while you crown your newly Royale and go on with your day.
Have a beautiful day,

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