Moving in Today!


We’ve been living in Panama (Bocas Del Toro Region, North/Caribbean side) since the beginning of February 2014. Jaimie and I decided we needed amobile house, so he started building a houseboat 28 July, 2014. It is a 3 floor, 40ft long, 26ft wide solar powered catamaran (custom built/designed by Jaimie Mantzel). Jaimie built this boat all by himself, no helpers or workers to assist. He used minimal electrical tools. We started moving in today! There are still a lot of things that need to be added for comfort and organisation of our stuff, but we’ve got the basics and J is building and painting and sanding as I type this post. If you’d like tomsee the videos of building the boat as it progressed, visit Jaimie’s YouTube Channel

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