Move My Body March!

My friend K and I have been exercising everyday,  in some fashion for over a month! It’s been exactly 38 days for me and around 34 for her,  she started a few days after me.  Both of us have  noticed a difference in our bodies, in a good way, and today I decided to share with you what we’ve been doing!  So here is what our week generally looks like.  We just started using workout cards last week.  They are really fun and a great way to change it up without having to think too much about it.  On Saturday or Sunday one of us will pick the Playlist for each day and get the videos we use that week organised. 

We work out EVERY day. Even our rest days are active. This was the easiest way to get on board with the habit of exersing. I work out before I eat anything, I find for losing fat,  this works the best for me.  K generally works out with me via our text messenging service, but sometimes life happens and she gets hers in during the afternoon nap time (she also has young kiddos). Our active rest days are Tuesday and Saturday. These are the days that work best for us.  Sometimes if we’re feeling extra energy one day,  we’ll do a quick cardio boost video in the afternoon.

A regular day looks like this:
  5 minute Warmup
  5-10 minute Fitness Blender Cardio or  Jessica Smith
  5 minute Cool Down
Level 1 Workout Card
2 minute Abs
10 minutes Stretching (yoga/app or vid)

This routine generally takes about 45 minutes.

An active rest day looks like this:
20- 30 minutes All in one Cardio – Low Impact (warmup/cardio /cooldown)
10 minutes Stretching (yoga or something similar video or app)

This generally takes about 40 minutes.

We aim to do the same amount of conscious exercise even on rest days,  though the intensity is lower on those days.

Like I said this is what works for us.  We use Fitness Blender and Jessica Smith vidoes on YouTube. The workout cards I mentioned can be found here at The NR Project website. They have a lot of great information about eating,  working out and how to use their website. I have a daily yoga app that can be found here. All of the stuff we use is free.

The best advice I can offer if you have difficulty getting started on doing exercise regularly, find a friend and bully them into doing it too! That’s what worked for us! Just kidding about the bullying. But seriously finding a friend you can message with daily and who can hold you accountable is the best tool for staying motivated. Even on my slugish days, I know K is doing the same as me and has the same stresses in her life as I do and she’s doing this journey with me. So pick someone on a similar life path,  has kids around your kids ages( we both have at least two under 5’s at home) or has similar work (we’re both SAHM’s)  and most importantly you can talk to daily (thanks whatsapp for closing the distance gap!)

Remember, believe you can and you will!

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