Roll and Move! Fun indoor movement for the family!


Hi all!

It’s springtime in Indiana and that means lot of rain and with rain the inevitable…. mud. I have three littles who have a ton of energy which being cooped in the house, makes it for some interesting days.  My oldest, my son Reid (5), asked me the other day if we could play something that would help us move, because moving is healthy… his idea was playing Wii Sports.
After explaining that playing Wii wasn’t moving a whole lot, I decided to come up with a game that would allow us to move together as a family, and I’d like to share that with all of you!
First I had to think of something that would keep their interest and be fun, because we all know that if we’re having fun when we are exercising it is much more enjoyable.  Since my son is 5, he love all things numbers right now.  He is definitely my math kid, so with that in mind I decided our game would include dice because what kiddos do not like to roll dice!  I came up with a list of actions we can do, either down the hall, or standing in place, to get us moving listed by a number 1-6.  We roll the dice to see what activity we will do.  For those that we go down the hall, we decided to do two laps as our hall is only 20 ft. long or so.
I also decided we’d include some actions that we do standing in place, mainly because I wanted to incorporate jumping jacks for coordination work.  For these motions, we are decided to do 8 counts.
What I love about this set up, is you can tailor this to whatever actions you and your kiddos will enjoy.  I picked ours based on what our kiddos can do at this point, and things that will challenge them some.  You know your kiddos best, so sit down with them and come up with a list together.  Moving as a family is a wonderful way to encourage healthy habits, connect with one another, and most importantly have fun and invest in them!



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