Age of Pandora Update Week 2

wpid-20151122_091915.jpgTomorrow I begin chapter 8 of the fully immersive fitness quest,  Age of Pandora.  Is it fun? Yes! Is it a walk in the park? Absolutely not. Would I recommend it to a friend trying to get back in shape in a fun challenging way? Definitely!

I’ve been successful at doing a chapter a day, even with being mildly sick (I caught a cold!!). The workouts seemed fun and doable for the first few chapters. Then the running portion began in Chapter 5.


First I was uncertain how I would manage with running, having not done any in years! But surprisingly my body is handling it well. A tad bit sore, but nothing that is stopping me from achieving my goals.

Figuring out where to run was the next challenge. After investigating our 100m land wharf,  I was happy to see a 20m section free and clear!!


A few quick calcutions and I was ready to start my first day of running. Thinking the wharf is made of soft dirt, the decision to not wear shoes made sense to me. However, after stepping down onto a rock or random bit of concrete, I slapped a pair of runners on and never looked back.

My feet thanked me for that sound and grown up decision.

The instep of my right foot is slightly bruised and tender to step on still.  Funny enough it just seems to add to the adventure of the whole RPG style fitness quest. I’m running from large unknown monsters and getting a little banged up in the process! Ha!

Even today it was really gloomy and drizzling slightly while I was running. Just as I came inside the house it began storming for bit. The weather seemed to coordinate with the chapter I am on, as it was getting ready to storm in the story as well!.  I’m really enjoying this online/real life fitness quest! I’ve even made it all the way to the Lighthouse on the map! Woo hoo!

And just in case I didn’t get enough exercise in for amy given day, I’ve added swimming and peddle boating daily for kicks. The swimming option,  I’ve measured out an approximate 25m in our private bay. Then I complete a minimum of 4 laps. As for peddle boating, I missed out today, but aim for 15 minutes, at a leisurely pace.

I’m kicking butt and feel like there’s no stopping me now!


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