Freezer Meals!!

It has been raining by the bucket full for the past week. Since we’re getting electricity from solar panels, we haven’t been getting much. Today was the first day the sun came out long enough to catch up on laundry and dry it! Woo hoo!

All this rain is great for the rain collectors and plants, but makes cooking dinner and other meals a bit tricky. This morning I decided to google search precooked freezer meals. The plan here being maybe I could precook things and then just thaw out and reheat for a shorter time in the oven or on the stove. Saving electricity and making clean up a bit easier. Also it would give me a few days where I don’t have to hang out in the kitchen cooking.

I found a great website Happy Money Saver! I just love how well Karrie has her website organised, packed with loads of useful information AND recipes for freezing meals. I intend to visit often and glean all her pearls of wisdom. My goal after visiting her site today is to spend a day making 30 meals, then aim for 50! Sounds a bit intimidating, but after today’s success at making 7 meals in the 2 hours it didn’t rain, I think I totally could do it!

The first recipe that caught my attention was her Fried Rice freezer meal. I haven’t been super successful when it comes to freezing rice, but thought I’d give it a try again, using bags as storage this time!

I used her recipe more as a guide. I cooked a 2lb bag of brown rice and let it cool. While it was cooling I scrambled 8 eggs with olive oil and a bit of salt and pepper, then set it aside. While this was cooling off, I washed a bunch of ziploc bags I found while cleaning out my freezer.


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