TAST – #1 Fly Stitch

I started following along with the embroidery stitch TAST challenge over at Pintangle last week!

I am doing mine in square inch format, known as “Inchies”, and working each stitch daily. My oldest daughter, AJM,  is also doing the challenge, but in the weekly form. Every Sunday, she’ll start a new stitch. I’m making her sampler each week, by drawing out (in pencil) some different pattern with that weeks stitches. I’ll be including a small combination pattern with the previous week(s) stitches as we progress into week 2. I think this will help her learn how to use her new and old stitches together.

I will post my corresponding  inchie along with her weekly sampler once a week on Sunday or Monday for your viewing pleasure! I’ll include pictures of the previous weeks completed sampler as well!

Without further ado, may I share our “Fly Stitch” for stitch number 1!



AJM seems to really enjoy embroidery. She spent a few minutes after dinner working on her sampler! Even BAM (my 3 year old daughter) sits next to us with her big needle and plastic stitch mat. It’s a lot of fun!


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